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Harley – 2011 Custom Chrome Europe Dealer Show

17 Oct
The Big Winner 
The best bike in the show, is a customized 1951 BSA Gold Star, named Sun of a Gun by its creator Larry Houghton of Lamb Engineering, UK.

Star Gate, built by garage 65 from Italy, won second place at Championship Class Courtesy of Custom Chrome Europe.

Second in this category was Speed freak built by Thunder bike, Germany.

XLST 3 built by Shaw Harley-Davidson, UK took the third place.

First in the RevTech Performance class was a custom sidecar motorcycle named Prometheus.

Billy Bob, a project of German builder Christoph Madaus, won the second place in the RevTech Performance class.

Custom-Wolf,another German shop, won the third place in this class. For theirlowrider called 5 years. Custom-Wolf handcrafted their own frame andused a 100-cubic-inch engine and a Marzocchi fork.

Union, a custom bike built by Abnormal Cycles, Italy won the firstplace in Jammer Old School class. Union was also the winner in ModifiedHarley Class.

Second place in the Jammer Old School class went to French builders School Bar Atelier with their bike Springer Revival.

Public Choice Award

Show visitors were given the opportunity to vote for their favorite custom bike. They chose V-Rocker by Bike Project, Germany.

Special Award for Styling and Finish

Madame Guzzi, a customized 1979 Moto Guzzi motorcycle, was handcraftedby Adam Nestor from Sweden. Adam’s intricate craftsmanship won him thespecial award for styling and finish.

Special Award for Fine Technique

This hill climbing racer by German builder Uwe Ehinger is called SnowRacer. It has a Harley-Davidson frame. Its engine is combination of1936 VLH and 1946 Harley-Davidson parts.

Special Award: Best Bagger

Bela Barden, a Swiss custom-bike builder known for his perfectionism,won the special award for best bagger with his creation Coffee Shop.The bike features a Battistini rotor, Ness/Battistini front wheel,welded on extensions, Ness bags with rear fender cover, and more.

Special Award for Innovation

The Uno-nove-nove Race (199R) was named after its weight, which isbelow 200 kg an innovative drop in weight for a V-twin custom bike.Themachine was built by Mario Colombo of Asso Special Bike, Italy.


Green Canyon Lift (Offshore)

16 Oct

Photography from Australia

15 Oct

Turimetta Beach, Northern Beaches, Sydney, Australia
(35 minutes before sunrise)

Sunset at Twelve Apostles, Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia

Sunset after the storm near Burra, South Australia

Remainsof Island Archway, Loch Ard Gorge, Great Ocean Road, Victoria,Australia.The arch collapsed in June 2009 and the two remaining rockpillars have since been officially named Tom and Eva after the twosurvivors of the Loch Ard shipwreck.

Sunrise over North Narrabeen tidal pool, Northern Beaches, Sydney, Asutralia

Silverton, Outback NSW Australia

North Narrabeen tidal pool. Northern Beaches, Sydney, Australia

Coastal Landscape. Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia

Cape Nelson Lighthouse near Portland, Victoria, Australia

Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney, Australia

Beautiful Flower Vases

14 Oct

The vase is an open container, often used to hold cut flowers. It canbe made from a number of materials including ceramics and glass. Thevase is often decorated and thus used to extend the beauty of itscontents.

The vase has also developed as an art medium unto itself. The ancientGreeks famously used vases to depict scenes. It has since beendeveloped and in 2003 the winner of the Turner Prize was Grayson Perry,for vase art.

World’s Biggest Natural Mirror

13 Oct
Worlds Biggest Natural Mirror

Worlds Biggest Natural Mirror
Salar de Uyuni is the world’s largest salt flat at 4,085 square miles. It is located in southwest Bolivia.

I can understand tourists who go to this indescribable beauty. Looking at such a landscape, it is difficult to believe that this place is on Earth

Worlds Biggest Natural Mirror

Worlds Biggest Natural Mirror

Worlds Biggest Natural Mirror

Worlds Biggest Natural Mirror

Worlds Biggest Natural Mirror

Worlds Biggest Natural Mirror

Worlds Biggest Natural Mirror

Worlds Biggest Natural Mirror

Worlds Biggest Natural Mirror

Worlds Biggest Natural Mirror

Worlds Biggest Natural Mirror

Worlds Biggest Natural Mirror

Worlds Biggest Natural Mirror

Worlds Biggest Natural Mirror

Hugh Turvey’s X-rays of Flowers

12 Oct

Hugh trained as a designer, art director before studying the photography. In 1996 first X-ray photographs for a human skull as a favor to his musician friend for an album cover. Since he used the method of colored X-ray of everyday.

Sea Stars

11 Oct
 Basket Star

Basket stars, like this one in California’s Monterey Bay,
live along North America’s Pacific coast from the Bering Sea to California.

Sunflower Sea Star

A sunflower sea star is draped moplike over a
seafloor rock off the British Columbia coast.

Sea Star’s Back

A close-up reveals the backside of a sea star in Indonesian waters.
This star boasts a full complement of five arms but it may not
always keep them.

Sea Star on Mussel Bed

A colorful sea star heads toward a bed of mussels in Clallam Bay, Washington.

Crown-of-Thorns Sea Stars

Crown-of-thorns sea stars—like this group on Kingman Reef in the Pacific—can inflict a painful sting to humans, but they are far more dangerous to corals.


Some 2,000 sea star species live throughout the world’s oceans. Some weigh as much as 11 pounds (5 kilograms) and stretch more than 2 feet (65 centimeters) across, but others are only half an inch (1 centimeter) in diameter.

Biscuit Sea Star

Like sand dollars and sea urchins, sea stars are echinoderms,
those of the “spiny skin.”

Sun Star Feeding on Penguin Carcass

Arching Sea Star
Sea stars are remarkable for what they lack. They have no
blood, but instead use filtered seawater to circulate nutrients
throughout their bodies

Sea Star

A sea star sits on the bottom of a shallow cove in Belize